PowerSeeker CrossFit workouts illustrate the fact that play is the true path to fitness. And, we like our play both indoors and out. This is why, along with the Adventure Training methods used at the PowerSeeker CrossFit, our fitness friends get the bonus ability to put their PowerSeeker CrossFit acquired strength and cardio powers to use in Boise’s awesome outdoor playground...

Once a month, we like to embark upon what we like to call  POWERVenturestm. We take our fitness friends on a play date to a variety of outdoor locations in order to either wakeboard/water ski, hike, rock climb, mountain bike ride, inline skate etc. We then add our own signature, fitness twists to each of these activities stimulating an even greater fitness response than what would have been obtained as stand alone activities. 

POWERVenturestm  will challenge yet exhilarate you in every way.  It is our way of thanking our clients for their patronage and hard work. 


Video Coming Soon