Perfect Nutrition

PowerSeeker CrossFit takes the Nutritional Base of the CrossFit Hierarchy, very seriously. When it comes to creating or building a body with low levels of body fat that excels in WOD performance, proper nutrition is the MAIN area you need concern yourself with. Yes, exercise plays a big role in the process, but ultimately, the vast majority of the battle is simply taking in the correct amount of calories and fuel sources while timing your nutrient intake based upon your daily activity needs and patterns. 

PowerSeeker CrossFit is changing the way people eat.

We are  "Nutritional Mentors." We teach a step-by-step,"PowerFUEL" Plan featuring: 

* Our PowerFUEL nutrition class illustrates the what's, why's and how's of proper nutrition. 

* Our Grocery Store education trip. Learn what to get and what to stay away from.

* Our Bi-Weekly follow up classes that enable our clients to troubleshoot their programs.


We also offer the ability to have it all done for you, employing our PowerFUELEDportion controlled, gourmet meals for hassle free proper caloric intake. Click the link to check it out.