PowerSeeker CrossFit


Here at PowerSeeker CrossFit, are goal is to make people fit in ALL AREAS OF FITNESS. PowerSeeker CrossFit, at its core, is simply A MIXTURE OF MANY EXERCISE METHODS using the most effective exercise modalities and variations. Why be proficient in only one area of fitness? PowerSeeker CrossFit exists to train your body to work in many ways which in turn translates over to better real world fitness and functionality, while creating the most complete physique possible.

    PowerSeeker CrossFit houses an ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND that puts excitement back into exercise and, in the process, creates fitness Super Heroes

We PLAY! Our workouts are a mixture of:

Vertical Exercise- using Climbing Stations, Ropes and Rope Ladders, Pipe Climbers and Rock Walls....

Functional Exercise- performing skills that enhance real world movement patterns by using unorthodox training methods like Sandbag Training, Unbalanced load carries, Full Body Hybrid Exercises, Sponge Mat Calisthenics and many other modalities...

Agility Work- using multitudes of movement patterns with Ground Ladders, Cones, Hurdles and other implements help...

Power and Strength Training- using Plyometrics, Weighted Sleds, Heavy Bags, Power and Olympic Lifts, Traditional Strength Training and Unorthodox Strength Training techniques...           

Cardiovascular/Respiratory System Training- using Kickboxing, Spinning, Interval Circuits and a mixture all the aforementioned training types coupled with short rest intervals providing the ultimate stimulus for heart and lung strengthening.

In addition, we incorporate PowerSeeker CrossFit PowerVentures, Obstacle Course Training and numerous Fitness Games in order to inundate our clients with varied and stimulating new activities.


PowerSeeker CrossFit is in business to help people get stronger, remove body fat and increase functional capacity. That is what we do.


  1. We establish your fitness levels.
  2. We establish your caloric requirements.
  3. We feed you your custom daily caloric requirements (or create your custom meal templates outlining what to eat and when to eat it).
  4. We teach you to perform the multitude of CrossFit movements, step-by-step.
  5. We train you, using a prescription of Strength, Core, Vertical, Agility, Steady State, Unorthodox, Fitness Gaming and Interval Work.  Each portion of the workout is individually scaled so that you are working out at the intensity that is right for you, based upon your unique fitness capacity. 
  6. We build you, using Cyclical Progressions that work you from a current base exercise level up to a relative, personal best level lasting 4-5 weeks allowing the body to break down, heal, adapt and become prepared to do MORE!.
  7. We watch you transform within 6-12 months (time based upon starting fitness and body fat levels).


More Experience- You will train with ACE/ASCM Certified/TRX Certified/ Level 1 CrossFit Trainers with over 17 years of experience of successful training.

Perfect Eating Program Built In- 80% of the Weight Control battle is how you fuel your body. Our PowerFUELED Guidelines detail exactly how many calories you need each day plus, if you wish, our relationship with My Fit Foods gives you the ability to employ perfectly portioned, gourmet cooked meals that take the guesswork and hassle out of controlling your diet. 

Less Crowding- PowerSeeker CrossFit Semi Private Personalized Fitness classes are capped at 12 (6 per trainer) people whereas Boot Camp classes typically average 20-40 people. Where do you think you will get more individualized instruction from a trainer?

Very Economical- PowerSeeker CrossFit is a one stop shop; a month's worth of sessions cost only slightly more than a regular gym membership, plus your facility usage and nutritional coaching at PowerSeeker CrossFit are included for free.

Unparalleled Workouts That Cannot Be Performed at Traditional Clubs- Doing the same dull exercise routines just isn’t part of the PowerSeeker CrossFit vocabulary. We thrive on Originality and Change, the only variables in the PLAY/BUILD equation. We build Fitness Superheroes!

Ongoing Social Support- Our PowerSeeker CrossFit clients become family. Every new PowerSeeker CrossFit client is heartily welcomed into the club. Working together with a small, close knit group fosters a natural comraderie between our clients. Encouragement and motivation are commonplace and the friendships that form are just icing on the cake (pardon the reference). You are NOT just another number in the crowd at PowerSeeker CrossFit.

Individualized- Each of out clients have customized PowerFUELED Nutrition Guidelines and exercise loads and variations tailored to their specific needs. Everyone progresses at their own pace. 

Non-Binding- No Memberships. No contracts. No Fees. No pressure sales. Ever!

PowerSeeker CrossFit Gives Back-  PowerSeeker CrossFit Points (good for a reduction in fees and special treats) are our gift incentives for our clients who attend each workout and do their best to progress...oh, and the by-product of becoming a Fitness Superhero is a nice perk ;)     


PowerSeeker CrossFit is a lifestyle. We want you to experience that. We hope to share with you the anticipation of the excitement of what’s to come, challenging your body to do new things, losing yourself in adrenal bliss, getting fit without having to do the “same-o same-o” and pushing the limits of your physical potential to achieve more than you ever thought possible, step-by-step.